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WHAT WE DO : Forums & Summits


Discovering What’s Next forums and summits are large group meetings addressing topics of broad interest to our population.  Panel discussions, break-out sessions, workshops and speakers are offered in various combinations. Our annual summits are usually half to full day events while forums are shorter one-to-two hour programs.


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Health Care in Transition

Cost & Coverage in the Balance

Wednesday, March 24, 2010, 7:00pm

Newton Free Library - Druker Auditorium  


The future of health care reform is now in question.   What’s happening in Washington?   Where does Massachusetts stand in terms of its own reform efforts and the continuing high cost of medical care?  Discovering What’s Next® with support from the Newton Free Library, the Newton-Wellesley Hospital and Tufts Health Plan invites you to the Discover Realities Spring Forum, Health Care in Transition:  Cost & Coverage in the Balance, Wednesday, March 24, 7:00pm, Druker Auditorium, Newton Free Library, 330 Homer Street, Newton.  


Join Ronald Ponte, Director of Community Partnerships, Newton-Wellesley Hospital, and experts, Dr. Michael S. Jellinek, President, Newton-Wellesley Hospital, and Jon Kingsdale, Executive Director, Commonwealth Health Insurance Connector Authority, the agency charged with implementing the Massachusetts Health Reform law, as they discuss the issues.  Dr. Jellinek understands how the health care system works and what drives costs.  He will discuss the factors affecting costs and what is being done to better manage costs.   Mr. Kingsdale is a long-time health insurance executive and will speak knowledgably about the successes and remaining challenges in providing reasonable insurance options to all Massachusetts residents.


Some of the questions our experts will address include:  What is behind the relentless rise in health care costs and what can be done to moderate these increases?  What are the options for insurance coverage between jobs and after early retirement?  What can we expect to see over the next year or two in terms of improvements on both the cost and coverage fronts? 


Register for this free program by email to info@discoveringwhatsnext.com or phone 617-796-1419.





Discover Realities Fall Forum

Sponsored by:

Managing your Finances in Uncertain Times

Monday, November 9, 2009, 7:00 - 9:00 pm

Druker Auditorium, Newton Free Library

We've heard a greal deal about how we are living through the most challenging economic period since the Great Depression.  This raises a number of questions:


    • Do we need to rethink the way we manage our finances? 
    • Have all the old assumptions collapsed under the weight of the stock market meltdown? 
    • What new strategies and investment options are emerging and what should we be looking for? 
    • What are the risks we need to be aware of? 
    • What resources are available to us? 
    • What are the strategic and tactical actions we can take to assure we manage our finances smartly and prudently? 

    If you're retired, the economic turmoil may have made you think about un-retiring.  If you had been thinking about retiring, you may be reconsidering that decision.  What's the best thing for YOU to do?  While there is no one correct answer for everyone, now is the time that you should learn more about how to manage your finances during these uncertain times where lifestyle decisions can have a big impact on your future.

    Discovering What's Next® is responding to these questions by bringing together a panel of financial experts, each offering a depth and breadth of perspective and practical advice that can help you make sound financial decisions during these times.  This Forum, sponsored by Eastern Bank Charitable Foundation, is an opportunity to learn from the panel's expertise.  There will be ample opportunity for questions and answers.  Join us and bring your questions!

    ModeratorFred Mandell, PhD, Partner, Life Change Arts, Needham, MA

Panelists:  Damon Barglow, CFA, Managing Director, Eastern Investment Advisors, Eastern Bank, Newton, MA

    Jim Thompson, CFP, Director, Village Financial Partners, Village Bank, Newton MA

    Rick Miller, PhD, Founder and CEO, Sensible Financial, LLC, Cambridge, MA

    Register for this free program by email: info@discoveringwhatsnext.com or call 617-796-1419


Attend the DWN Spring Forum - March 11th, 7:00 pm,

Newton Free Library - Druker Auditorium

 DWN is hosting our spring forum, Encore Careers: Is That What's Next for YOU? Judy Goggin of Civic Ventures will act as moderator for the evening.  Panelists will tell their stories, explain their decisions to take up Encore Careers, discuss how they made the transition, what their lives are like and what impact they have had in their new roles. Please mark your calendars and plan to attend.  Tell your friends who just might be budding Encore Careeists! Click here to read an article from the Metro Community Newspaper supplement, where you can read more about this exciting concept and learn a bit more about the wonderful stories to be shared at our program.  To register, email info@discoveringwhatsnext.com  or call 617-796-1419 for more information.



Evening Forum

 Living Life on Purpose: A Retirement and Longevity Revolution

With Richard Leider, Renowned Coach and Author

 October 20, 2008

7:00 - 9:00 PM Presentation

Doors Open 6:15 pm for light refreshments and book signing.

Program and Book Signing at Newton Free Library

Richard Leider will discuss his most recent book Something to Live For: Finding Your Way in the Second Half of Life.  The Forum discussion, like the book, will offer insightful ways of thinking and being that help us find meaning and purpose. The book reflects Leider’s experience leading African safaris by showing how the second half of life can be a journey of discovery. Leider will cite examples of well-lived lives that illustrate authenticity and wholeheartedness, both essential in leading meaningful lives.

Date:          Monday, October 20, 2008

Location:  Newton Free Library, 330 Homer Street, Newton, MA

Time:         Doors open at 6:15 for light refreshments, information and book                       signing.

                    Presentation from 7:00-9:00 pm.

Cost:          Free to the public.

Register:   Email Discovering What’s Next® at info@discoveringwhatsnext.com

or call DWN at 617-796-1419.  In both cases just leave your name, telephone #  and  e-mail address.


We thank SecurePath by Transamerica, our primary sponsor, for their generous support and Brandeis Osher Learning Center for their contribution.


Brandeis Osher

         Lifelong Learning Institute       



Spring Forum: VocationVacations®:  Learn How to Test Drive Your (After Age 50) Dream Job - Monday, April 7, 2008 - 7- 9:00 pm

Newton Free Library, 330 Homer Street, Newton Center, Druker Auditorium

Read an article about VocationVacations which was published in the March 25th issue of the Boston Globe.

To register for this program:  email info@discoveringwhatsnext.com or call



A Library Forum:

Rewards and Challenges:  The Complexity of Caregiving

Tuesday, October 16th, 2007 7-9 pm at the Newton Free Library, 330 Homer Street, Newton Center.

Moderator Marian Knapp, Caregiver and Doctoral Candidate, Aging in Place, will lead a 3 member panel discussion:

Jeffrey Kahn, Caregiver and Advisory Committee, Springwell:  A Son's Perspective on Caregiving.

Vivien Goldman, Caregiver: Caregiving While Raising a Family.

Sandra Boris-Berkowitz, Education Coordinator, Springwell: Meeting the Challenge and Finding the Rewards. 

We are pleased that AARP, Dovetail and House Works have agreed to

co-sponsor this event.

To register for this free program, call 617-796-1419 or online at info@discoveringwhatsnext.com.

Click here for Caregiving Forum Information

Caregiving Resources and Information

Read Column by Marian Knapp about the Complexity of Caregiving


At Work or Looking for Work: Does Your Age Make a Difference?

Does your age matter in the workplace or when you are looking for a job?

On Wednesday, October 18, 2006, Discovering What's Next: ReVitalizing Retirement™ will present an evening forum featuring Michael A. Smyer, Ph.D., co- Director of the Center on Aging & Work/Workplace Flexibility. He will address the topic: “Generations@Work: Age Matters in the Workplace” and moderate a panel of individuals who have faced age-related issues in the workplace or in a job search. 

The American workplace is so diverse these days, with individuals over 60 years old working along with Baby Boomers, GenXers and now the Nexters. Most office environments are much less formally designed than they once were, so that a senior with years of experience could be working in a cubicle alongside a recent college graduate. Not to mention that the young person in the next cubicle could be the person in charge.

Both the young and older worker could be competing for the same job. Many believe the younger applicant possesses more advanced technological skills, and the older worker is more likely to have better problem solving skills. In some more physically active work settings, the younger worker may be preferred for their greater physical stamina. The older worker may be perceived to be more reliable.

When the situation is handled well, a multigenerational work environment can be a win-win situation for everyone. The acceptance of different experiences and insights might generate an atmosphere of discovery and creativity. When the mix of generations isn't working well, the work environment can be demoralizing for both younger and older workers.

These and other issues will be addressed in the Forum. Jewish Vocational Services, co-sponsors of the Forum, is working with DWN to prepare the Forum and will offer a follow-up workshop on a date to be determined.

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